"I had suffered with severe anxiety for the last 15 years, I had made my own decision that I had `damaged` my self for good following a series of bad decisions in my younger life and had accepted this way of life although massively unhappy and frustrated with life in general. I suffered a breakdown in 2017 following a few years of high stress. I was at this point recommended to Maddie from a friend and I made the appointment straight away. I have been seeing Maddie pretty much every week for the past 13months and cannot express enough how much my life has changed.  Initially I had no idea of what was `wrong` with me and suffered for a very long time. Maddie makes you feel at complete ease and comfortable in the surrounds. Therapy can be uncomfortable and for me being in a room conversing with somebody was a tough task for me to do, initially I found this very difficult and were times I had to leave the room or times I could not fathom conversation. Maddie takes the time to teach coping techniques which had been no end of help through these stages. I have learnt breathing techniques, meditation techniques, grounding exercises amongst unravelling a lot of suffering emotion I did not even recognise I have been carrying for such a long time. I now understand the importance of self-care, through Maddie’s help I have gone on to now live a fairly comfortable life, I can now recognise `normal` human emotion and allow myself to feel these in ways I never have instead of not making sense of it and ultimately leading to constant anxiety over my thoughts and mind.
Due to an extremely busy work life sometimes working 18hour days I can still find myself at the end of each week occasionally having picked up a few old habits however what I can also do now is reflect and recognise this and ultimately take action to prevent things building to a problem.
Maddie has given me all the tools I need to be able to go forward in life and predominantly look after and take care of the only thing I never have- myself.
My life has changed dramatically, my family’s life has also changed and I am able to be a more secure father to my son and feel I have learnt things from Maddie and through therapy that I can also pass on to him in the future."

"When I came I was pretty lost and confused. I had withdrawn, my daily experience of the world had become very narrow as the parameters were dictated by various anxieties and traumas as well as a deeply self-critical attitude and long-term depression. I needed someone to help me to untangle that complex mess of fear, pain and turmoil, some of it embedded in the past and much of it maintained in present behaviour, and to replace it with new patterns and thoughts based upon self-knowledge and self-compassion. Maddie provided all of that, the much-needed psychological and physiological explanations of the processes that were underpinning the difficulties that I was facing together with a safe, caring and non-judgemental environment in which to explore very personal, deep-seated traumas. Together we mapped out the terrain of myself, carefully identifying and challenging harmful and unhelpful ideas, relationships and behaviours, and slowly building the self-confidence to accept and honour the essential and immutable elements that make me who I am. Maddie introduced me to alternative perspectives on myself and the wider world, and provided me with the tools, strategies and resources I needed to accept myself, test myself and to nudge at my boundaries without ever feeling out of my depth. Piece by piece, with Maddie’s calm reflection and ongoing support, I managed to build a life full of the nurturing, energising things I love and to minimise the negative and depleting experiences that had blighted my life for so long. That is not to say that life does not throw adversity my way, of course it does, but thanks to my new, self-compassionate outlook, and the toolbox of relaxations, meditations and altered perspectives, I am able to meet the world on my terms, to accept what the moment may bring, and know that I can experience both the wonderful and the troublesome with kindness and be okay.
For me, Maddie was the right therapist. I have tried therapy before, several times, but never really felt comprehensively understood. I was frightened and unsure at the start of this process, so much so that I needed my wife to make the initial contact for me; to ask my questions and communicate my issues and concerns. From that first interaction Maddie acted with understanding and compassion and sought to make the route into therapy as comfortable for me as possible. I felt that Maddie understood what I needed and guided me through the process in a gentle manner that always had my needs and well-being at its heart. 
If anyone had told me at the outset just how much I would go on to change and achieve in six months, just how many of the good things that I had lost would be returned, and how many new insights, opportunities and experiences I am now able to embrace, I would never have believed it. I simply can’t thank Maddie enough."

"After just one session I felt like Maddie knew me.  She really listened and picked out the important things and helped me out of a very black hole.  I didn't know what was wrong, I just knew I felt incredibly sad and in the really dark times didn't want to be here anymore.  In the first session we spoke about my past/family/upbringing/important relationships.  At first I didn't see why this was relevant as it's my past, but during each session thereafter, I realised why this was so important.  Maddie related my behaviour now to my experiences in the past, allowing me to understand why I behave and feel the way I do.  Just being aware of these things helped, but she then taught me different theories/tools to use to help me in the future and understand myself and why I have been feeling sad.  There may be dark times ahead, but I'm less afraid now as I feel I have the ability to deal with them better."

"I had been harbouring deep seated memories from childhood which were impacting on my general wellbeing and relationships.  I was sceptical at first, but after the first session with Maddie I knew I was doing the right thing.  Great emotional highs and lows throughout the course of the treatment, but I have finished feeling good about myself and realising that you cannot control everything that happens in life.  For me to feel like this means that this therapy really does work and I cannot thank Maddie enough for her patience and support. EMDR is unique and I don't fully understand how it works and probably never will do, but all that matters is that it has helped me no end.  I am now looking forward to the rest of my life."

"I got more than I expected from therapy and have found the work we did together so helpful.  I realised that I do matter, for a long time I felt worthless, but the therapy helped me become a stronger, braver person. Coping strategies have really helped me to control my emotions and dark memories.  I want to let people know that it is ok to seek therapy, you are not crazy, you just need help to manage your mind.  Without Maddie's help I am not sure how I would be now.  This was my sixth attempt at therapy, but Maddie was by far the best and most helpful.  Maddie helped me to realise that life is for living and should be lived now and not in the past."

"I got the help I needed and so much more from therapy.  What I have learnt over this time I now use day to day to help me cope with things I find hard to deal with.  Therapy has given me a better understanding of myself and has helped me move on with my life, I no longer feel stuck.  Before I started this, I didn't look forward, only in the past.  Doing my life line with you was the start of my new beginning.  Thank you does not explain what you have done for me."

"This was exactly the right help I needed.  I was able to process things in a safe and secure environment.  A year ago, I would not have dreamt I could change jobs and get a promotion and now I feel so very happy and am not scared of feeling happy.  Thank you so very much."

"I just wanted to say another thank you for all you have done.  I think it's about 6 months since I saw you and I wanted to give you an update.
Things have been amazing.  I'm loving work and feel much better in myself.  I have more time with family and ask for help when needed.  You have helped me change my life and I will be eternally grateful.  The service you provide is fantastic and the work you do should be recognised more.  Thank you again for everything.  My twins have their mother back."

"I am so, so pleased with the service I received and I feel my life has improved so much in a short space of time.  I now have the tools to carry this on and I owe all that to Maddie for giving me my life back."

“I just want to say a big thank you for all the help you gave me to get better and see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I wouldn’t be here today without your help and I’m now looking forward to starting my own business and continuing to move forward. Thanks Maddie, I’ll never forget the help you gave me.”

“Thank you for all your help and support.  It made such a difference to me to have someone to talk to and to listen to me thoughout this really difficult time.”

“I have found therapy very insightful and feel I have learnt a lot about myself throughout the few months I have been seeing Maddie.  I can’t thank Maddie enough for guiding me through this trauma process.  It has all been invaluable in helping me return to work, something that at times I doubted would every happen.  Thank you. “

“Maddie, I would just like to say a big thank you for helping me.  Without your support I do not think I would have been able to be me again.”

“I moved jobs and I am truly loving it.  However, without Maddie's help and guidance I would never have achieved this.  It wasn’t just my anxieties that Maddie helped me reason through, but also building my confidence to believe in myself.  I still have some of my self-doubts, but I can now work through them because of my experience and the things I have done, which I only did because of our sessions.”

“Thank you for everything you have taught me, you really have helped me make great changes in my life.”

“Maddie, thank you for your warmth, support and enabling me to share in a safe and empathic space.  My tide is turning, let’s hope I can ride the future waves and go with the flow.”

“Thank you for the time you spent with me.  You have helped me along my path to happiness and for that I am very thankful, more than you will probably ever know.”

“Thank you for all your help, I feel a lot more positive about my future.”

“Talking to Maddie has helped me to move on with my life.  I can’t thank her enough.”

“This service is first class.  Maddie was understanding, empathic and helped me with the issues I have and helped me to move forward.”